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About Us - V2

To find the best vegetarian comfort food with a Mediterranean twist, there is no need to look further than Habibi's Mediterranean Foods. Family owned, Habibi’s has been producing delicious natural dips and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired products since 2008. 

In Arabic, Habibi's literally means "My love, beloved, friend or darling", so choosing the name was simple. Using family recipes passed on from the kitchens of Lebanon, Habibi’s culinary visionaries have designed a line up of take home products that you’ll share with your friends and loved ones. All our products are made with love and care by only sourcing the best ingredients possible. From making our own tahini, boiling our chickpeas, peeling fresh garlic in house to using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we have made every effort to produce the best hummus and dips.

We are proud to be a Vancouver based company that uses fresh, quality ingredients that our customers can feel confident in what they serving their family and friends. All natural and made without chemical preservatives or additives, our products are inspired by old world recipes from the Middle East that have been nourishing families for many centuries. 

We strive to source locally grown, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients whenever possible to ensure our highest quality standard.  

Non-GMO and gluten free, the Habibi’s wholesome line-up offers a wide selection of hummus varieties, cashew dips, baba ganoush and Middle Eastern spreads that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. For dairy lovers our tzatziki is Middle Eastern inspired with fresh garlic, onions, cucumber and the wonderful herb blend Za’atar. Our yogurt is only from Canadian dairy farms that is so rich in taste and nutrition meanwhile without any preservatives or binders, we can truly say this is a one of a kind. Our products are some of the healthiest dip lines in the market with some of the lowest fats and salt contents – just check out our nutritional list and you will see what we are talking about! 

We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support and love we receive every day from our new and old Habibis! 


Our Family's Story

Habibi's Mediterranean Foods has been family run and operated since starting in 2008 in a tiny facility on West Broadway, VacouverYears before it became what it is today, Habibi’s was a very popular Middle eastern restaurant specializing in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Habibi’s, the restaurant, had unfortunately closed their dining room but continued producing hummus in a tiny space next door and distributed it through some grocery stores around the city. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the Habibi’s brand, Abe Chaaban (owner and CEO) jumped at an opportunity he had always wanted to do - create a hummus company! With the well-known name of Habibi's already being a staple in the community, he felt he could really accomplish his vision of producing hummus on a larger scale, in many different flavours and packaging it to sell wholesale.  Many years later, we hear great stories and fond memories from former customers of the restaurant who are delighted they can now take Habibi’s home with them. With the help of his mother, a restaurant entrepreneur herself, they based the current Habibi's products on recipes from his mother and grandmother all while keeping the essence of the original Habibi's restaurant in the final product. A good friend and now business partner, Jeff Anderson joined the team in 2015 alongside Abe, Sofia (Abe’s wife) and Mona (Abe’s mother).  

The amazing story behind the Habibi's family started when they left South of Lebanon with the goal to achieve greater things. Abe's parents went to Iraq to study and work but had to leave due to the country's political turmoil, relocating to the US to finish their education. With 3 kids, they packed up as much as they could and made the journey to Arizona. Speaking barely any English upon arrival, his parents were determined to learn quickly to manage whatever was thrown at them by the time they began their classes. 

When Abe's parents finished their Masters degrees they couldn't return to Lebanon as the country was in civil war and their US green cards and student visas had expired. The next best thing was to pack up their Oldsmobile station wagon and take the family across the country and over the border to Vancouver, Canada. This was 1988. 

From that time until now, the family has owned several restaurants, including Mona's Lebanese Fine Cuisine in downtown Vancouver. This was the first Lebanese Fine cuisine with the entire package of Mediterranean music, belly dancing, traditional Lebanese food and incredible atmosphere that would make you feel like you were in one of the best spots in Beirut, Lebanon.  

-The Habibi's Family